Wings of Olympus

Aloft the slopes of mighty Mount Olympus, winged horses glide among the sun-splashed meadows. It’s a world full of gods and heroes, of daring and intrigue. It is not a place where one would expect to find a lost, parentless girl like Pippa. But destiny has taken this foundling from the mortal realm to jockey a steed in a once-a-century race of winged horses. Pippa has been chosen to ride Zephyr, an undersized but spirited stallion, and now Pippa has to confront the greatest challenge of her life—achieving victory in flight.

Between petty, jealous gods and even more ruthless riders, Pippa has to work harder than she ever has before if she wants to win the race and stay with Zephyr. Unlikely friendships, inspired racing, and the luck of the Gods must all come together to help Pippa prove that love is greater than might in this new stirring fantasy-adventure series by acclaimed, beloved author Kallie George.

Written by Kallie George
Published by HarperCollins (Hardcover ISBN: 9780062741523)

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