Selected Reviews for wings of olympus

School Library Journal

Gr 3-6–Life in ancient Greece isn’t easy for orphaned Pippa, but she can withstand loneliness and neglect if she gets to work with her beloved horses. One morning, after falling asleep by the roadside, she is shocked to wake up on Mount Olympus. Pippa has been selected to ride in the once-a-century Winged Horse Race. Manipulated by powerful gods and goddesses, Pippa and the other child riders must use all of their wits to make it through their training, the fantastical occurrences on Mount Olympus, and the final thrilling zip to the finish. The moral lesson of the denouement is a little blurred, as positive outcomes arise partially out of deception, but the overall importance of making sacrifices for those you love comes through. Pippa’s lasting bond with her winged steed, Zephyr, and the hard-earned connection with her fellow riders show that one can find family in unexpected places. Pencil drawings help readers visualize unfamiliar mythological characters, such as the Greek Fates. The story will spark interest in further exploration of ancient Greek mythology. VERDICT A high-flying adventure to supplement middle grade fiction collections.–Alyssa Annico, Youngstown State University, OH



In George's latest, a foundling competes in Mount Olympus’ Winged Horse Race. Pippa doesn’t know why her parents abandoned her as a baby, but at least her talent with horses allows her to survive on the streets of Athens. When she is chosen to compete in the Winged Horse Race—the contest that decides Zeus’ next steed—Pippa is transported to Olympus, where the gods and goddesses aren’t above cheating to ensure their horse wins; and neither are the other riders, who want the chance to stay in Olympus forever. Pippa never wants to leave her beloved steed, Zephyr, but according to the Fates, he has no chance of winning. Will Pippa cheat to stay in Olympus with him? The winning premise should draw readers who are into horses and Greek mythology, although Olympus is a gentler place than Pippa fears, and her rule breaking never leads to the harsh punishments she is warned about. Still, Pippa’s choices should prompt readers to ponder how love, fate, and trust determine our actions. A fun series starter.