Issue #20 • May 2019


Dear Readers,

What a full month! Here's a smattering of things I've been working on and are filling my days with joy.

- Did I mention I'm the picture book editor for the new Greystone imprint, Greystone Kids? I feel very lucky to be working with incredibly talented people like Sara Gillingham and Julie Flett among many others. This is one of our fall first titles: Birdsong.

- I am tying to balance my life and be satisfied trying to write the most beautiful stories I can, rather than any kind of publishing "successes". I feel super lucky to HAVE publishing successes but to me they often don't feel like that, and there is always the temptation to compare and judge and be unsatisfied. I want to refocus on just writing the most beautiful words in... my library??

-Which brings me to the next point: My house has a roof!

- My son chipped at tooth! How to protect him? He loves adventure and climbing and getting into trouble. But every time he falls, my heart breaks. My little one-year-old.

- I'm heading to PEI this week for the wonderful TD book tour!!!!! I'm taking my little boy too. Thank goodness my parents are coming to help me out. But I still think the long flight from BC to PEI might be challenging. (If you have any tips on traveling with a 1 year-old do let me know!)

- I'm also thrilled that while I'm there I'm going to be doing a launch for Kindred Spirits -- the second Anne of Green Gables early chapter book, illustrated by Abigail Halpin.
The event is Thursday May 9
Confederation Centre Public Library

- Heartwood Hotel, A True Home is a Surrey book of the year, which has meant tons of school visits in Surrey. I so love connecting with kids in classrooms and libraries.

That's all from me for this month!! Next month, I'll share lots of pictures and adventures from PEI