Issue #17 • February 2019

Dear Readers,

It’s amazing how one month speeds by, especially when you have a little one in tow. It feels like time is measured in different ways, every week celebrating new baby developments. Like: "Oh my goodness, my baby is eating solid foods!" and, shortly thereafter: "YUCK what happened to non-smelly diapers?!"

Yep, life is pretty exciting.

In fact, just a week or two ago my son went from scooching/commando crawling (slithering around on the floor propelling himself with one toe) to crawling (on hands and knees).

I actually thought he might never crawl “properly,” so to speak. His scooching worked very well for him and he could move really fast. Plus, he can already lift himself up to his feet, so I figured that he might just go straight to walking. But, low and behold, he decided to surprise me (as he does) and he began to crawl on hands and knees.

I am so proud of him! (Even though it has meant REALLY long and tiring days of chasing him around since he can move at lightning speed). And best of all I love seeing how proud of himself he is! He's definitely intent on learning how to walk. Growing hair, not so much. My mom says I was bald until I was two.

And here he is at Science World in Vancouver:

unnamed copy.jpg

Thinking of my son, made me consider what kinds of accomplishments we celebrate. It seems like every day I’m celebrating something new that he’s doing, and I love that. I want to extend the same celebration on to others, and myself. I want to engage in the world with the same full-hearted joy that my son does.

And, even though I said I didn't think I would--that I'm too full of ideas anyways--OF COURSE he's giving me new ideas for books. I'm so happy. I really do love new story ideas.

First though, I need to dive into edits for my second Wings of Olympus chapter book, tentatively titled Colt of the Clouds. I received some excellent feedback from my editors and I've started in on them. That's definitely going to keep me busy!

I have slowly been getting some interesting things for the first book--like this beautiful German edition. I'm especially in love with the illustrations that begin each chapter!

So with new ideas and lots of editing to do, I have a busy month ahead of me. And I couldn't be happier.


unnamed (2).jpg