Issue #22 - July 2019


Dear Readers,

Hope you all are getting into the swing of summer.

This month my family and I have been back and forth to the Sunshine Coast, where we are building our house. There have been a lot of decisions around it, which have mostly been fun, but sometimes stressful. Choosing sidings, and soffits (I honestly didn't know what those were until now), knee braces (not for your knees) and a hundred other things! I respect my contractor so much, and the team building our house. They are Western Craft Contracting.
Look at the pretty houses they make!

Our house is coming along too, and we are supposed to be moving in before Christmas. I decided I wanted an arched entry into the library. Doesn't it look pretty? I think I dream of my library the most.

I actually have asked most students at my school visits what special things should be in my library. They have some great answers. These include:
- books
- computers
- snack station (good idea)
- tea station (also good idea)
- ladder
- window seat (check!)
- secret passageway (check!)

I am planning on making a list of all the stories I'm going to start writing in my library. I'm really excited. ALSO, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here, but I have a dream to one day run a children's writers retreat in our house for editors and authors and illustrators... Maybe even in conjunction with my sister in law, who is living nearby and going to run a b&b with her fab skills in French baking. What do you think? If you are a writer/illustrator/editor would you take part??? Any suggestions on how many days and programming you'd like to see? If I break even, I'd call it a success.

Finally, and lastly, the end of this month will mark a GRAND adventure for Ori, Luke and I. I'm going to Korea to teach a creative writing camp on magical animals, and decided to bring along my family. I've been to Korea a number of times before. It's super hot in the summer, but an amazing experience nevertheless.

I can't wait to see what Luke and Ori think of it. Will Ori like kimchi? Will we all survive the heat? How will the camp itself go?