Current Issue - September 2019

Dear Reader,

The publishing world--like many industries--seems to slow down in the summer, as people enjoy the hot days and vacations with families. But in September, things pick up again, and that's sort of exciting. And I must say, I love sweater weather.

It already seems like a long time ago that my family traveled to Korea on our big adventure this summer, although it was only a few weeks ago.

A few highlights--beyond the joy of teaching a summer camp on magical animals--included having the chance to speak at the Canadian Embassy, to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the Creative Writing for Children society. And we loved discovering all the magical markets in Seoul.

I especially loved visiting the “The Art of Disney: The Magic of Animation” exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. It was fantastic to see the beautiful artwork behind some of my favourite films. Our next trip, I think, will be to Florida later in the fall, as I have some school visits there, and we decided that we'd love to visit Disney World as a family. The only shame is that poor Ori won't remember all these big trips. But surely they are expanding his mind.


We traveled with our friends, Lee, Marcie and their son, Hiro, who is just about the exact same age as Ori. Lee and Marcie were teaching the creative writing camp with me!

Although mostly Ori and Hiro ignore each other, when I ask Ori who his "friend" is, he points to Hiro. SO cute!

Marcie, Lee and Hiro continued on the trip to Japan, after Korea, although we headed home. I would love to tour Japan too. I'm hoping next time! It looks so beautiful there. Plus, I've heard there are excellent opportunities to hike.

The fall heralds a lot of work. Lots of writing. Lots of plotting. I can't wait! I only wish that we were in our new house, and I had my library to write in already.

We were sincerely hoping to move into the house for Christmas, but it looks like we are delayed a few months (we aren't surprised--it seems like all house projects are this way), and we won't be moving in until February or March. Maybe we will still sneak a Christmas tree into the house for this year--and the builders can enjoy it.

Have I mentioned the magic of construction sites? And the genius of the picture book, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site? No wonder it's a NY Times bestseller!

I never cared much for construction sites or trucks. But because Ori loves them so much--I've started to love them too. It's amazing how a child can change your perspective and open your eyes. I know it's often said, but it's so true. Last night we read this book--then he proceeded to bring all his toy trucks into bed and show me how each one matched the pictures. Clever boy. I told him he could only sleep with one, and he chose the excavator. That's his favourite. Clever book to feature that one on the cover!

Next up, I'm going to share an interview with a book designer/art director--those wonderful magicians that make books look so good.