Issue #6 • February 2018

Dear Readers,

I have some exciting news for this month! My third book in the Heartwood Hotel series, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin, is coming out on February 6th!


Better Together continues Mona the mouse's adventures at the Heartwood Hotel, where she's a maid. It's spring in this book (I planned the four books to each follow a season at the hotel) and Mr. Heartwood, the badger owner, decides to take a well-deserved rest. Of course, just after he leaves, the staff finds out that a new hotel has opened up in Fernwood Forest, which puts everyone in a panic. What will this mean for their hotel? Plus sweet Mona gets her first taste of jealousy when faced with her friend Tilly's brother, who is an instant favourite among guests and staff alike.

I think a lot of writers encounter this stressful and common emotion. Am I as good a writer as so-and-so? Are my books doing as well as others' books? And on the list goes. I am certainly guilty of comparison and it is one of the things I like least about myself. Truthfully, when I am actually WRITING, I don't think about these things. I am immersed in the world of my book. And I am so blessed to have so many talented friends to help me, and so many wonderful books and stories to be inspired by. Like Mona discovers in Book 3, ultimately her world is better because Henry is in it.

This all makes Heartwood 3 sound like a theme-heavy book! But I hope it isn't! There's a lot of funny stuff too--a love interest for the porcupine cook, a speed reading snail called Skim, as well as two overprotective bird parents, who are determined to keep their egg safe--and who are constantly arguing over what to name it.

I wanted to offer a giveaway this month--so the first person who emails me at with "giveaway" in the email subject line, will receive a free signed copy of the book.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the Heartwood Hotel website, where you can book a room in the fancy oak tree, take a quiz to find out which room is perfect for you, and download activities. I will soon have new activities up there for teachers and parents alike that feature Book 3.


Extra Fun

Featured Activity - Ribbon!

This is one of three new activities for Heartwood 3: Better Together. You can find them all on the Heartwood 3 page on my website!

For this, print out the ribbon template and design a new award for a new competition. At the Heartwood, there are lots of competitions in the spring, like "The Best Blossom", the "Cutest Egg" and the "Tiniest Talent".

Download the ribbon here!