Issue #1 • September 2017

Dear Reader,

Summer isn’t officially over, but the start of September to me always feels like the beginning of fall. As much as I love summer, I adore the crisp days of autumn. It seems like the perfect writer’s weather. Good thing, since I’m in the middle of editing a new book (Wings of Olympus).


I thought I would share a bit of that process with you. Here’s a picture of some of my hand written notes for my edits: As you can see—a mess! But hopefully I will have some good material soon from it.

Wings of Olympus is the story of a girl and her horse—set on Mount Olympus, in the time of the gods and goddess. It is my first middle grade novel and so it feels very LONG, even though it is much shorter than other middle grade fiction. But for me, it is a huge challenge and one I’m happy for (mostly). The idea for the story came to me over eight years ago now, and my first draft of it (which was a fairy tale) was written on the night I met my husband. So perhaps it's no surprise it's a story with the deep theme of love!

I think my biggest takeaway from the editing of this particular book (every book is different) is that it is amazing how scenes can sometimes be reshuffled. If only life could be reshuffled so easily!

I hope you enjoy the coming month and all the colors and crispness it brings.

Warmly, Kallie

Extra Fun

Featured Activity - Sign the Heartwood Hotel Guest Book!

In my chapter book series, Heartwood Hotel, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin, there is a guest book that all the animal guests can sign. Why not sign it yourself?

On this downloadable page, you can imagine you stayed at the Heartwood, and  describe what you thought of your visit. Share this activity with any kids you know!

And check out the full fun Heartwood website here!