Goodnight, Anne

Illustrated by Genevieve Godbout
Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

A beautiful bedtime picture book based on the best-selling Anne of Green Gables, introducing the irrepressible and beloved Anne to younger readers. It’s time for Anne to go to bed, but not before she wishes goodnight to everyone and everything she loves!

Under the watchful eye of her adoptive mother Marilla, Anne has come to cherish life at Green Gables — the dearest, loveliest spot in the world, and her true home. Every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of all the people and places she loves: her family, her bosom friend Diana, her splendid teacher Miss Stacy, beloved tree Snow Queen, the Lake of Shining Waters and the brilliant sky above. Anne even wishes goodnight — or good riddance! — to pesky classmate Gilbert and nosy neighbor Mrs. Lynde. And through it all, Anne’s imagination takes flight on a whimsical journey through Avonlea.

This sweet and heartfelt picture book is a perfect read-aloud introduction to L.M. Montgomery’s beloved Anne and will delight her brand-new fans and lifelong readers alike.

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Genevieve Godbout
Published by Tundra Books (Penguin Random House) (ISBN: 99781770499263)


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The Doll Hospital

Illustrated by Sara Gillingham

When toys need a little (or a lot of!) TLC, they head to the Doll Hospital in this endearing picture book in the tradition of Doc McStuffins. Don’t worry, toys, Dr. Pegs will have you feeling better in no time!

It’s a quiet morning at the Doll Hospital until…
The emergency bells ring!
Here comes a patient who needs Dr. Pegs’s help.

Dr. Pegs is about to get to work when…
Here comes another patient! And another!

How will Dr. Pegs take care of them all? Looks like the doctor needs some help herself!

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Sara Gillingham
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (ISBN: 9781534401211)

Doll Hospital cover_final.jpg

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Secrets I Know

Illustrated by Paola Zakimi

Perfect for fans of Liz Garton Scanlon's All the World and Amy Krouse Rosenthal's I Wish You More, this charming, whimsical story about one imaginative little girl’s magical world is sure to enchant readers young and old.

Follow the girl throughout a day spent in her own backyard, and you'll discover lots of secrets only she can tell. For example, did you know that whispers hide in trees? Or that trees make great umbrellas?

With a simple, poetic text from Kallie George and extraordinary illustrations from debut artist Paola Zakimi, here is a book families will read again and again and treasure for years to come.

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Paola Zakimi
Published in the USA by Schwartz & Wade (ISBN: 9781101938935)


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Duck, Duck, Dinosaur: The Noise at Night

Illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Feather, Flap, and Spike are spending their first night in their very own nest. They feel very big and brave until . . . Grrore! A frightening sound keeps waking them up.

Can they figure out what’s making the noise at night? Feather, Flap, and Spike shared a story. They shared a snuggle. Then they fell asleep. Until . . . Grrore!

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Oriol Vidal
Published by Harper Collins (ISBN: 9780062353177)


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The Lost Gift

Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

In this charming Christmas-themed picture book that feels like a classic, four animals deliver a lost package for Santa.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Bird, Rabbit, Deer, and Squirrel are eagerly waiting for Santa to fly overhead. When he does, a gift tumbles out of his sleigh, landing in the woods.

The friends find the gift and read the tag: “For the new baby at the farm. Love, Santa.” And so, in spite of Squirrel’s grumbling—“It’s not our baby”—they set off on a long journey to deliver it.

Sweet, poignant, and starring a cast of truly adorable characters, this is a story sure to be shared year after year at Christmastime.

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
Published in the USA by Schwartz & Wade (ISBN: 9780553524819)

Awards and Recognition

Nominated for the Chocolate Lily Award 2018

The Lost Gift Cover.jpg

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Duck, Duck, Dinosaur

Illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Three eggs in a nest begin to wiggle and wobble, until CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! It’s a duck . . . duck . . . DINOSAUR!

Meet Feather, Flap, and Spike. They’re three unlikely siblings who each want to stand out. But together, they make the biggest splash! Perfect for families of all kinds, this playful, clever story has a dino-sized heart.

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Oriol Vidal
Published by Harper Collins (ISBN: 9780062353085)


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Snow White and Rose Red

Illustrated by Kelly Vivanco

Snow White and Rose Red are loving, happy sisters, although they are different as day and night. Together they live with their mother in cozy, peaceful cottage in the woods. Then, one snowy day, their peace is disturbed by a giant black bear looking for a warm place to rest. At first scared, the girls and their mother soon realize the bear is kind—in fact, there is more to the bear than meets the eye. Will the girls' giving spirits rescue the bear from his troublesome and secretive fate? This age-old Brothers Grimm tale is here deftly retold and stunningly re-illustrated with modern, magical paintings by Kelly Vivanco.

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Kelly Vivanco
Published in the USA by Simply Read Books (ISBN: 9781927018347)

The Melancholic Mermaid

Illustrated by Abigail Halpin

Deep in the sea, where whales drift like dark clouds above a coral kingdom, a beautiful merbaby was born with not one, but two shimmering tails…

Maude likes her two tails, until the other merchildren begin teasing her for being different. She doesn't think things can get worse. But then she is captured by a fisherman. Meanwhile, on land, Tony faces difficulties of his own. Born with webbed fingers, he too is an outcast.

Hoping to find acceptance, he joins a circus. But the Ring Mistress is cruel and life there is unbearable. Until the circus purchases the mermaid.

Tony and Maude slowly become friends. Will they find a way to escape not only the terrible circus, but also their own sorrows?

Two unique characters and two different worlds mean twice the adventure in this new fairy tale with stunning art by Abigail Halpin

Written by Kallie George, illustrated by Abigail Halpin
Published by Simply Read Books (ISBN: 9781897476536)

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