Selected Reviews for The Missing Magic: Book 3, The Magical Animal Adoption Agency Series

YS Book Reviews
The pencil illustrations are delightful, and set the tone for this new set of adventures starring Clover, the young girl who volunteers at the Magic Animal Adoption Agency. As in the previous volume, Clover is left in charge while the agency owner is called away. This time, she is working with a partner, Oliver Von Hoof, a boy her age who is supposed to be a magical animal expert. It seems to Clover that Oliver always disappears when it’s time for hard work, but the two soon find themselves working together to solve a mystery. For some unknown reason, the magical animals are losing their magic. All is resolved in the end, with the promise of more adventures to come for both Clover and Oliver, who eventually become friends. The book contains some good lessons about honesty and giving others a fair chance without being preachy.