Selected Reviews for The Enchanted Egg: Book 2, The Magical Animal Adoption Agency Series

Kirkus Reviews
Clover must take care of the Magical Animal Adoption Agency when Mr. Jams leaves her alone again. After volunteering at the agency in the magical wood near her decidedly mundane town, Clover was able to outsmart a witch and save a kitten, and it wasn’t just luck (Clover’s Luck, 2015). Now Mr. Jams has brought in a giant, mysterious egg. No one knows what is in the egg, but Clover feels drawn to it. When Mr. Jams goes in search of a magical egg expert, Clover’s left in charge of the egg, along with fairy horses, unicorns with allergies, and the customers (like ghosts and leprechauns) coming in search of magical animals to adopt. A kindle of magical kittens and some giants who aren’t sure Clover is up to the job of running the agency complicate matters…and then the egg hatches. When the still-unknown inhabitant of the egg is nowhere to be found, Clover is suddenly totally unsure that a nonmagical, quite ordinary girl is up to the tasks at hand. George’s second magical adventure is as sweet and innocuous as the first. Clover doubts herself and accidents happen, but all threats are of the nonthreatening variety, and all ends well. Graduates of sparkly chapter-book series will be right at home and looking for the next installment posthaste.

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Nayu's Reading Corner
Ah, Disney-Hyperion, how I'm loving all the girly reads I'm slowly discovering from you! While I haven't yet read the first book in this cute series, I didn't feel that I was missing anything by being plunged into Clover's world. It is so cool that she gets to help out with magical creatures, taking care of them, having a great deal of responsibility which in our world probably wouldn't happen to one so young.

I liked how certain characters weren't as I expected they would be (from my own experience of similar characters in other books). I could feel Clover's panic when things started going a little wrong, and liked how she managed to cope when disaster struck. The creatures are cute and funny, and has me wanting Clover's job. I guess I'll settle for my cat and birds, and reread this a lot so I can care for mischievous animals from the comfort of a sofa.

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Luna's Little Library
I adored the first book so when the next installment of The Magical Animal Adoption Agency was available for review I immediately requested it and read it within a day of being approved on Netgalley.

These books might be quite short but for the time that you’re with Clover you’re having a lovely time. I’m not sure what it is; Clover? The idea of the Magical Animal Adoption Agency? Or the different magical creatures within it? The artwork? Probably the combination of all, but the book is just like a happy place to visit.

Either reading it alone or reading the book aloud to someone else, I think The Enchanted Egg is definitely a wonderful way to pass the time.

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A Page of Fictional Love

This has to be THE cutest children's book I've ever seen and read since Lucy Daniels' Animal Ark series back when I was a child. The book cover is utterly adorable, and I can see so many young children wanting to read this book based on the cover alone - huge selling point, and one that I would succumb to myself.

The story features a little girl called Clover who helps out at a Magical Animal Adoption agency that organises adoptions of magical animals . . . and she does this under the supervision of Mr Jams. In this book, which is Book 2, (book 3 is available for pre-order for October 2015) Mr Jams has to go away for a while and leaves Clover in charge of the magical egg that is not due to hatch . . . just yet, but no one can be entirely sure because no one has actually ever seen an egg of this kind before.

During the time that Clover is in charge, giants from the beanstalk stop by, an 'imaginary' pet stops by with a little girl who comes with her leprechaun father to adopt an animal, AND Clover has a confidence crisis when she thinks that she can't look after the agency properly. But Clover has to learn how to believe in herself, and believe in the people and friends around her.

This is an amazingly charming book that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and I really enjoyed reading this myself. Definitely one for your child's bookshelf.

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Northshire Bookstore Staff Picks

Clover is back in this second Magical Animal Adoption Agency. Mr. Jams needs to leave Clover in charge once again because of the egg he found on his last adventure. He is off to find an expert to help him figure out what might hatch from it. However, in spite of Mr. Jams' assurances he will be back before the egg hatches, it hatches! And Clover (in addition to her regular duties of caring for unicorns, fire salamanders, very miniature horses, and a liter of magical kittens) has to deal with what hatches from the egg. The only problem is, Clover cannot find it . . . though she can see the trouble it causes! But it is when Clover meets Lulu, a little Leprechaun girl, that the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together and she figures out you might be a girl without magical powers, but you can do pretty magical things!
~ Reviewed by Jeanette

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Shanon the Librarian

The Enchanted Egg is a delightful book. I do suggest reading the series in order, and thanks to a little tease at the end of this book I am very eager to get my hands on the next book. I highly recommend this series to young chapter book readers that enjoy reading about animals, magic, or both.

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Bless Their Hearts Blogspot

Kids in the 2-5th grade level with identify very easily with Clover, as they and their friends are starting to go off in different directions, as far as extra curricular activities and likes. They will understand how Clover feels left out, even though no one made it their purpose to leave her out. But as the proverbial saying goes, when one door closes, another opens, and Clover finds The Magical Animal Adoption Agency, and a whole new world opens up for her.

This book is a lovely reminder to kids that better opportunities might just be around the corner, and being left out/behind isn't always a bad thing. Clover learns from each animal she finds homes for, and in doing so, learns compassion and empathy, two very valuable lessons, as her confidence builds and she learns to believe in herself! This is a lovely book, and perfect for gift giving, especially as a two book set for Christmas!

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IOBA (Independent Online Booksellers Association),
Journey of a Bookseller

I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I had to see what new adventures Clover has. Giants come and almost dislodge the cottage door by knocking. They're looking for a special pet. A leprechaun brings his daughter in search of the perfect pet. And the wicked witch sends her a batch of kittens that have magical powers. If that's not enough to keep her busy, the egg hatches! What do you do when you can't see what hatched? The egg was big, so it should be good sized. Where could it be hiding? Was it dangerous?

The magical animals are great fun to read about. Clover has a strong character and carries on despite challenges. She's willing to work hard. And she's good at matching people with the right animal. This series makes me smile. I'm sure young readers are anxious to get the next in the series. I hope there will be more.

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Just Commonly

O, how pleasant and happy a read The Enchanted Egg, Book 2 of The Magical Animal Adoption Agency was. It's adorable, entertaining and plain fun!

An egg is full of possibilities. Especially an enchanted one. The tiniest egg can hold the most fearsome dragon. The biggest egg, the shiest sea serpent.

How's that for a fun opening? Doesn't that just makes you smile and get your imaginations to go wild? What's in that egg?! Well, I wanted to find out, so I kept reading. Granted, I did not read Book 1 (but that will change very soon) and it didn't even matter because it was still enjoyable and can act as a standalone story. It just happens to be a part of a series that will become popular. Why did I say that? I said that because it's so good that I'm going to buy a copy myself and maybe more as gifts. It's cute with whimsical and magical storylines and beautiful illustrations. Not to mention it's about animals - from dragons to horse fairies to cats with powers and giants and ghosts and witches and anything you can think of. What little kid would not what to read a story like that? I mean, I'm an adult and I loved it.

Book 2, The Enchanted Egg, has a neat storyline, a mystery of sort that will get your little one's creative juices working. What is it? How can it do that? Why did it do that? Putting all the clues together, will you work it out like Clover? On top of the mystery of the egg, we also see the variety of characters coming to adopt - you got it, magical animals! How does an adopter fit with the adopted? Can a non-magical (ahem, Muggle) girl handle it? You'll just have to see. It's a great book to read to your little one or have them read together with you. Great times for learning and having fun together! O, speaking of fun, you won't want to miss checking out The Magical Animal Adoption Agency website, filled with tidbits about the books, the animals and lots of fun activities.

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Second Bookshelf on the Right

I loved this book! It had the same vibe, fun things, and subplots that I loved about the first book. Here, while the main plot is Clover's search for the animal from the egg, she also had to manage (clean the Agency, feed the animals, etc.) and deal with clients. I loved reading about the mundane stuff about how she cleaned the stalls and fed the animals. It made it seem like something I would love to do too. Of course, I also enjoyed reading about the different clients she helped out.

Here, she had three clients: a baker, a giant couple, a father-and-daughter pair of leprechauns. I wasn't too fond of the giants at first, but I did warm up to them. I liked the father leprechaun right away, but I was unsure about the daughter. Then as the story progressed, I started feeling bad for her. Thankfully, she had a very happy ending. My favorite client, though, is the baker. He seems like a genuinely nice person, and I would love to taste those cupcakes. If I was hosting a book club meeting for this book, I would definitely have cupcakes as snacks.

I'm definitely interested in reading the next book in this series, especially since the ending introduced a character who likely could play a very interesting role in coming books. I'd say more but I don't want to give away too much about a potentially important plot point.

* * *

CM Magazine

Clover loves her job at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, and readers will enjoy the journey with her. In this installment of the series, readers get to meet friendly giants looking for a guard animal for their golden egg laying goose. A unicorn suffers from dripping glittery snot due to allergies, and readers meet Monsieur Puff, a cupcake baking ghost. Kallie George has created a story where readers are truly pulling for the protagonist. This second book in the series seemed to have fewer obstacles for Clover to overcome which made for a truly enjoyable read. Once again, both of my daughters, aged 7 and 11, enjoyed this book. Come along on the journey to learn which animal emerges from the enchanted egg. 4/4 stars.

* * *

Lilac Diaries Blogspot

The journey to the Magical Animal Adoption Agency was delightful. I was keen to finish reading it, before going to bed. There were giants who use sunscreen lotions, leprechauns wearing tutus, a gnome who comes alive at night, a goose laying golden eggs filled with liquid gold, a centaur delivery man and a baker ghost who makes fluffy cupcakes. I enjoyed the story very much. All those illustrations were cute and helped in envisaging the story as well. The story reminded me of the Harry Potter series too, it could be the references to the three-headed dog and the basilisk, the poisonous snake. You will meet all kind of magical creatures in this story and that's the reason why I loved it.

Clover has taught us never to give up, even when situations are tough. I liked how she faced the challenges, her compassionate attitude towards the animals definitely qualifies her as a keeper. Each character I met was amazing. Kallie gives different interpretations to each enchanted creature; they are friendly and lead a normal life. So, you will certainly end up loving them, especially Children. Pages were turning so fast, as I was eager to know about the mysterious animal. I imagined it as something I have heard before. But, I was taken by surprise to discover the animal at last, I had never thought of such a creature before. I am sure that kids too will love it. They wouldn't be afraid of giants and ogres, after reading this book.

The Enchanted Egg ends with welcoming a new member to the agency, which hints to the next book in the series. I would gladly buy these books for my kids. It would make a nice addition to the storybook collection. Highly Recommended for the kids who enjoys fantasy novels. Take your kid on an imaginary trip to The Magical Animal Adoption Agency before going to slumber. They will be delighted!

* * *

San Diego Book Review

The Enchanted Egg, Book 2 in the The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series, is about a girl named Clover who finds an egg, but she doesn’t know what kind of an animal it is from. After it hatches at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, she can’t find the animal anywhere. So she makes a trap, and finds the trap was activated, but she doesn’t see anything. Then people come to adopt some animals. When a leprechaun child, Lulu, comes, she takes a fairy horse and asks if she can take the puppy too? Clover thinks Lulu is just making things up, but she sees puppy footprints. Clover follows the footprints and finally finds out what it is!

Kallie George, the author, has written a book that everyone who likes magic animals or adventure stories will like. This is an exciting book, because it’s fun for you to try to figure out what is doing all those things that the animal was doing. There are lots of pictures in the book and I like them very much. It is easy to read this book and you can read it really quickly. I really like this series and I’m sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did!

* * *

Mom Read It

The Magical Animal Adoption Agency is back, and so are Clover, whose gifts with animals surpass any magic she may not have, Mr. Jams, the proprietor, and Dipity, the green magical cat Clover rescued from the witch in the first book. In this second book in the series, Clover must once again keep an eye on the adoption agency while Mr. Jams is away – but a large egg has hatched early, and the newest member of the adoption agency is keeping Clover on her toes!

This series is a feel-good read. Clover is a sweet, gentle soul who learns about herself and what she’s capable of in each book, going from a self-conscious, clumsy girl in the first, to a more confident young girl who realizes that she doesn’t need magic to take care of magical creatures in this book. There are positive messages about self-esteem and caring for others, taking responsibility, and most importantly, the value of being kind.

This is a great series for kids, especially those who love fantasy or just love animals. The first book was well-received at my former library, and I can’t wait to get these two books into my new patrons’ hands. Animal fiction does really well with middle graders, and a series like this, that pairs the fantastic within our everyday world gives readers a necessary spark of magic in their lives.

Magic Tree House fans, Critter Club fans, steer them all to these books. They’ll love you for it.

* * *

Open a Book, Open a Mind

We just loved this whimsical and delightful chapter book. In everything she does, Clover's kind heart and compassion shine through. In this, the second instalment of the series, Clover is left in charge of the Agency when Mr. Jams eheads off for a few days. While he is gone, chaos breaks out yet Clover handles each situation with grace. This is a great choice for animal lovers.

* * *

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“An egg is full of possibilities. Especially an enchanted one.” Looking after just such an egg is young Clover’s current job at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency. As in this series’ first book (Clover’s Luck, BCCB 5/15), Mr. Jams (head of the agency) takes off on an urgent errand leaving Clover in charge of the egg and of the rest of the animals at the agency. When the egg hatches ahead of schedule and its inhabitant is nowhere in sight, Clover is concerned. Other issues arise as well, such as resident unicorn Cocoa’s sudden development of allergy-like symptoms (including sparkly snot) and various magical folks who come looking for pets to adopt. Although uncertain, Clover manages to cope with all the situations, finding and caring for the lost hatchling (an invisible winged puppy) and matchmaking between the wannabe pet owners and the unusual shelter animals. The devices that get the adults out of the way are becoming a little obvious, but the magical animals and the details of their care are definitely enticing and the gentle but intrepid Clover continues to charm; the story’s structure is also supportively solid and the mystery of the egg’s inhabitant is well paced. Fantasy and animal story fans will continue to enjoy spending time with Clover and her critters. Boiger’s sketchy monochromatic illustrations convey the cozy tone of the text, and the dainty Clover and the magical animals are appealing figures.

* * *

Jen Robinson's Book Page
The Enchanted Egg is the second book in Kallie George's Magical Animal Adoption Agency series of illustrated chapter books, following Clover's Luck. These books are simply perfect for younger elementary age kids who enjoy books about caring for animals, and/or books about magic. In this installment, young Clover is once again left in charge at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, where she started working three weeks earlier. Her boss, Mr. Jams, has gone off to find any expert who can help them care for whatever comes out of a mysterious large egg. Trouble ensues during Mr. Jams' absence, and Clover fears that as a small, non-magical being, she may not be up for the challenge. Young readers will, of course, know better.

Clover is an engaging heroine, insecure but determined, and slowly coming to a stronger sense of her own strengths. She has largely absent parents (necessary for this sort of story), but at least there are two of them, and they do make sure to leave her with food.

The book is filled with delightful magical tidbits, like a ghost baker who makes cupcakes so light that they float and a little Leprechaun girl dressed all in rainbow colors. These are lovingly captured by Alexandrea Boiger's pencil illustrations, large and small. One of my favorite details is on page four. The text says: "The back door of the Agency was hidden by dark green vines. The vines gave the door a secret feel, which Clover liked." On this page, a delicate drawing of vines covers the left and top margins. Small drawings bring to life everything from cupcakes to magical animal bathing apparatuses, while full-page illustrations bring the reader into Clover's world.

Really, what's not to like about a book that starts with this:

"An egg is full of possibilities. Especially an enchanted one. The tiniest egg can hold the most fearsome dragon. The biggest egg, the shiest sea serpent."

and includes a tiny green kitten who can form his tail into the shape of a question mark? The Magical Animal Adoption Agency series belongs in classrooms and libraries everywhere. I look forward to sharing these books with my daughter when she is just the tiniest bit older. Recommended!

* * *

Jean Little Library Blogspot
Clover has returned in another sweet and gentle adventure at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency.

After her adventures with a witch, magical cat, and dragon in the first book, she feels ready to handle anything! Or....maybe not. Mr. Jams has to leave again, leaving Clover in charge of the mysterious and magical egg. Clover doesn't know what to write to her best friend who's away at camp and then things start going wrong. Giants show up, a floating pastry chef, and worst of all the egg hatches....but she can't find the baby!

Clover sticks it out, despite frustration and a few breakdowns and finally manages to solve the mystery of the hatched egg and realizes that, even without magic, she can still handle things in her own way, with care and kindness and determination.

Boiger's soft black and white illustrations and gently glowing cover will grab the attention of kids looking for a gentle fantasy read and those who have already been introduced to Clover's world and are eager to find out more. Although this series is usually labeled a "beginning chapter" I would call it more of an early middle grade. It does come in right around 100 pages, but the type is much smaller than a typical beginning chapter book and needs a more accomplished reader.

Verdict: Recommend this to readers who are ready to move on from the typical animal shelter beginning chapter book fare and can tackle a little more challenging read. Sweet and delightful to the last page.